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What are your recommended Philippine Investment Vehicles of Choice?

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For an Expat considering moving & investing in the Philippines, what are some investment options available, and how & where would one learn more about them?

Rick B:
This is for some THE BIG QUESTION and i have no solution but am trying look for one, like a lot of others here, there are obvious ones like...franchises, cafe, bar, restaurant business, taxi\'s, jeepneys, internet cafe, etc etc others seem a better bet like commercial or residential letting OR business investment. However, having explored most of these topics, i just know it\'s not easy, in fact i\'d go further and say it is very difficult. Cultural issues as well as cutting across people who are already in the business could lead to a disaster, especially for foreigners who may be risking all in the way of extended financial commitment.

Small business say sari sari or trading food / fish / small farming for a family member may be low risk but rewards are low too

just not sure on this one, anyone else with the answer? crystal ball anyone?

Crystal ball sales!.....everyone needs one† :D

I too would very much like a crystal ball...
I think you are on to something.


My wife and I have invested with the Legacy Group here in the Philippines with their 5 year 20% peso CDs. These accounts are under the PDIC for a max of Php250,000 per account. We have been in this program since 2005 and can draw the interest monthly. BTW, the interest goes into a† checking account and we write a check and deposit it in a different bank to stay under the PDIC max. These 5 year CDs are RP tax free, but the interest earned on the CD interest isn\'t and taxed at 20% like any investment/savings that isn\'t locked in for 5 years, (as I understand).

To diversify, we have bought/re molded and built a total of 4 rentals located within site of our house which has been a 3 year project to complete.

Hummm, since I\'ve run out of room to build, looks like I need to learn how to retire or buy something else to play with.† ;D†


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