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Hobbies for expats what are yours?

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I also like swimming, diving and long walks around the malls for our exercise, that also affords me the opportunity to get some exercise for my eyes too.  ;)  8)

My wife and I pick up movies in APM Mall next to SM Mall in Cebu City, 3 movies for p100 and that keeps us busy as well.

When out in the provinces we love to walk around and explore and whenever we have the extra funds in the past we had traveled around the Philippines visiting family and friends. The Philippines is very centrally located to many wonderful places to visit, our hope is to visit some in coming years.

Let us not forget being on this forum, that gives me something to do and is an outlet for me to try to help others while at the same time learning from others, a win win situation. I would highly suggest people join this forum and read it daily while giving us their input and asking questions as well as learning from others. My wife and I have met some wonderful friends on here and hope to meet more.

I am a huge reader and love to write, but not good enough to get published, sadly. Before we moved here, I used to make/assemble knives, leather goods, and felt hats for Civil war, Mountain Men, and Renaissance enthusiasts. when I was much younger I was into camping and off-roading, but lost the bug in my 40's. I always wanted a old box type 70's, FJ40 Land Cruiser, but could never justify the expense while living in the US, but here it is much more affordable and if the wife and piggy bank will allow, I am thinking about that as a future project.

We love to get those three for 100p DVD's too, and spread them out for movie nights. My wife (surprisingly), and I enjoy watching MMA. I used to walk more and weigh less before the arthritis messed up my knees. I hope to start using the pool at the clubhouse and see if I shed a few pounds. We would love to do car trips here but have yet to scew up the courage- has anyone done that or have ideas about the idea?

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: Shewmake on May 28, 2014, 07:07:26 AM --- We would love to do car trips here but have yet to screw up the courage- has anyone done that or have ideas about the idea?

--- End quote ---

Yeah... start small.  Last year we drove from Manila to Buguey, Cagayan Valley where the family farm is located, a total of approximately 375 miles (600 kms).  It took over 13 hours.   :o  :-[

Iíve been retired for 6 or 7 years now and I have never been bored. There is just so much to do. There are fun things and there are work type projects and there are some that are a little of both. There is bike riding I typically go for about 15 miles, If Iím a little lazy I might only go 10 miles, if Iím ambitious it will be 25 or 30 miles. There is photography and I also Photoshop pictures, and sometimes someone will send me a picture they want fixed for whatever reason.

The thing that takes up most of my time is I like to design and build things. Iíll just give an example of a very small and very fun project.

My sister asked if I would be willing to build a fireplace mantel (more like a modification to their existing mantel) for the fireplace in their living room. I rarely do projects for other people but this one looked like fun. So I took pictures of what they had and then worked up a few designs in Sketch-Up that I submitted to them and after several rounds of feedback from them I had a custom design everyone was happy with. I then built what I had designed, painted it and installed it.

The first picture is what they had to begin with.

The next two are of the design I created in Sketch-Up.


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