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Exchange rates getting better for us

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1.00 USD   =   47.2793 PHP Hope it continues to go in this direction, 50 to one would be nice.

50 would be nice.  First time I came(what, about 04 or 05) it was about 70.  That was very nice.  Would love to see that happen again someday. 

But for now, 50 would be great.

yes I would love to at least see 50 too.I can only remember 47 back I think it was year 2009 its Funny thing to me every time it goes higher my wife get Happy even tho its a small amount.

Those small amounts add up over a period of time.  Hope the trend continues for those of us that use dollars.

1.00 USD   =   47.3615 PHP

Looking better all the time for me and some of you too....


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