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Fidelity Visa credit card exchange rate


I tried my Fidelity Visa CC yesterday while shopping at Rustan's Ayala Cebu City, charged p1250.75 and the CC company charged me US $24.93, so a pretty decent exchange rate and the card gives me 2% cash back and there is supposed to be a 1% exchange fee, thus a win win if all goes as it is supposed to.

I used the credit card a second time, this time for a p1236.95 purchase, they charged me $24.64 and the first use they charged a 1% fee, so .24 cents, so they apparently rounded down, I will see how much the exchange fee they charge for the second use on my next statement, thus with the 2% back in cash feature, I am still ahead 1% by using the card for some of our spending in the Philippines.

Very good info, Lee. I do use my visa once in a while here as well. Just to keep it active. Not sure if we get cash back; I'll have to check on this.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
As if I need another credit card, but Fidelity only accepts applcations via phone call. Their site wouldn't accept new applicants to register online.
I guess I'll hold off calling them for now until I get the urge to call them, since I already have enough credit cards as it is.


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