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Hi Folks,

I\'m going to be moving to RP in a few months.
Although my Pacific knowledge wouldn\'t be as good as my European theatre knowledge, I still have a huge interest in anything WWII.

I\'m just wondering what WWII sights are a must see - museums, ships, battlegrounds etc?


[Edit - Just saw there was a Philippine History forum, apologies]

Well Scien

In Manila environs there\'s


& Intramuros and Fort Santiago where battle of Manila was centred

Fantastic. Cheers for those links...

Cant wait to visit these historic places.

Saw a BBC/PBS documentary about \"Battle of Manila\" and was appalled at the hammering it took, I\'m sure most have seen what the Russians did to Berlin......Manila looked to be similarly hammered.

Google Youtube Battle of Manila video to get an idea

What the BBC/PBS showed was the effect on Filipinos trapped between the Japanese and American armies

Ask and ye shall receive...

And some info on Bataan

Just for starters...


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