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Frosty the owner of the property would be the only one who would be able to hook up the electricity.  I've heard many expats that also get soaked by the landlord who will hook up his electrical line to your apartment, this happened to me but we have a house (in-laws and neighbors connected) and it was so bad that the electrical company told me to create another concrete post and start over so now I have a gate in between the posts, my bill went from 10,000 pesos no airconditioning to 3,000 pesos.   :(

Another issue I've come across on these forums is they don't like to give up their deposits and if you leave early and try to get out of your contract they'll report you to Immigration. 

Have you thought about owning your own condo?


--- Quote from: Frosty on November 13, 2018, 06:54:37 AM ---Have any of you had a problem with the price going up just because you are white?
We own some property on Bohol and I was not able to look at it until a price had been writen down.

How long do most leases last?

Are the utilities put under the renters name or under the onwers name?

--- End quote ---

Yes they tried it with me and again it was the lawyer owner from my previous post above. My wife did all the negotiating with the lawyer/owner. The first time he saw me he said he would have to raise the rent by two thousand pesos. I very politely said we have a signed contract and asked him if he was that corrupt in his practice. He turn beet red and didn't say anymore. Fortunately due to leaky roof and structural damage we voided the contract after a couple months and he actually gave back most of the deposit.

Thanks for the info.

I have never lived in a condo but I might think about it.
we are planning to buy in the future, right now we are going to try living in the P.I. for about a year
before we make the commitment to buy land and build a house
I think if the right deal came along, for the right price, We would be interested in it.


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