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cheapest private room real estate for buy in the Philippines as foreigner?

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What is the cheapest private room for purchase anywhere in the Philippines?

It can be in the province, it can be a boarding house. It can be one of these rooms where Filipino pay as little as 3000 PHP / month. It could be in need of renovation.

Only important is, that I have a postbox and a paper based utility bill for electricity, water or landline telephone. I am a perpetual traveler but I need a cheap physical snail mail box somewhere.

I am not clear it's possible at all. As a foreigner I cannot buy land. So house and lot is out of question? The only thing I can buy for sure is a condo unit. But what about apartment or other rooms?

As far as I know you would need to buy a condo to do what you want to do. I suggest you look on some of the online sites.

I somehow suspect these websites are more targeting foreigners wanting to buy quality western standard condos and that I won't find any cheap room in the province. Nothing found there would make less than 10,000 PHP rent per month looks like.

These websites area really hard to identify the price floor. It's 50 pages of offers around allegedly 100,000 to 500,000 PHP buy price but then when you click on an offer that's just the reservation price or down payment while the full price is around 3,000,000 PHP.

If it would be easy to google, I wouldn't ask.  :)

Condos seem to mostly target foreigners as well as OFW's and IMO there are few quality western standard condos that I have seen unless they are top prices. As far as there not being deals on the online sites, I have personally seen some great deals listed on them since there is no MLS that I know of in the Philippines. The online sites are the only game in town besides word of mouth, so realtors and individuals alike list on those sites, it may take some work to find a deal but other than that there are bank sites to search for, to look for foreclosures.

Also, rarely if ever will condos be built in the provinces.
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One place in Mandaue Cebu will be Deca Homes where inexpensive condos are being built, yet I doubt that nowadays anything will be under p1mil.

Also just as a point of information, I have found snail mail to be very unreliable in the Philippines.


I agree with Lee2 about the snail mail here in the Philippines. However, all of the utilities don't use the mail system, envelopes are hand delivered.

That being said, most of them are moving away from that too and are relying more and more on online statements, payments, etc.

One last thing, you did not mention in your original posting as to which biulls you need to receive, from where, and why?

Just my 2 centavos' worth ;)



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