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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I'll pray for all of you on those scooters! I've ridden big and small bikes before in the U.S. for many years without any accidents, but after arriving here in the Philippines and seeing a lot of people on bikes big and small as their daily commuter and see so many accidents almost every week that I realize that when "one's number is up" in the Philippines, "it's up"!
Not once have I ridden or had the urge to ride a bike here in the Philippines, because just riding around the bend would probably be my last I'm seen or heard of again. So for me, I say "no" to riding two wheels of any kind, except for maybe a 3 wheeler with the two wheels in the front (gas or electric) and or a 4 wheel ATV, if I couldn't afford a vehicle.   


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