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Girl refuses to talk face-to-face

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Go out and meet someone in person, not on the internet. Lots of fish in the sea

I met a lady like this online. Chatted online for a few weeks. Asked for a video chat. Nope! Communication stopped. She contacted me after 3 months and I asked for a video chat again. She didn't want to do that. She never asked for money. I did some googling and found her YouTube channel and it was the same person in the videos as her profile. I also found her facebook and email. Requested another video chat. Denied. I asked myself why I was chasing after someone who wouldn't give me the time of day. I had to let her go.

Many of these women are married that's probably the real story and she's stuck with her husband and kids in a different area.

Huge red flag. Run away buddy, run away!

All:  I get that she's hiding something (probably a boyfriend).  I also understand that this relationship is doomed.  This is in the realm of stuff I understand.  What I don't understand is the crazy escalation to suicide because I demanded a face-to-face.  If you have any insight to that, I would be appreciative.

Others that didn't read the post well enough to accurately understand:  We've been dating IRL for a few months.  This is not a internet only relationship.


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