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Sun Cellular, has anyone roamed with them?


I bought a Sun sim to use while we are here in Cebu because my Smart sim kept stealing my pesos and even WITH a complaint to Smart on the phone and at their branch office at SM Cebu in person I found it was a waste of time. Smart said it is because I have the internet turned on, and I told them I had used this same phone for the last couple of years and have also roamed with it in the US and had never had this problem before. Well Smarts answer is the standard answer we often get here, nothing is wrong sir, it has to be your phone, yet when I put another Smart sim in that phone it does not take my money, so how can it be my phone.  ::)

Anyway back to my topic, anyone roaming in other countries with Sun Cellular, and if so how does it work for you?
Sun Cellular prepaid roaming 

I\'ve roamed to Singapore with a Sun SIM. It is quite expensive however it worked fine but it is on a postpaid plan. I would expect a prepaid SIM to work ok, but I\'m not sure how you would reload it when you are overseas. Or maybe you can get someone in Philippines to load it for you?


I have been using Smart.  My gf used to reload it for if I was in the U.S. and then I found a sited called Aryty on eBay that does reloads so I had her to stop.  I think it was on eBay.  Anyway, doing a search you will find a reload site for Sun.  I never notice if Aryty does Sun also but there are reload sites there to be located including on eBay.

This is a half hour later:  I just looked at the Aryty website.  On the FAQ they currently have 34 countries that they can send loads to.  I don\'t see where it says anything about you can\'t have Sun sim.  Just be aware that even though they don\'t charge a reload fee, they do charge a little bit higher than the face value of the load.  They have different load sizes but when I get them, I will buy a P500 load and it cost me $12.95.  About a dollar more than P500 would exchange.  Even though I was unaware at first, like I said though, there are plenty of websites offering reloads.

Thank you both for the info. Others feel free to keep the info coming. My wife has a Smart sim phone we have been roaming in the US for about 10 years now back and forth to the Philippines, but I want to have Sun for me, so we have two different providers while we are in the Philippines for unlimited calls and texts and then for us both to keep our numbers active when we are not here, this way family text us inexpensively as a local text and we usually reply with for free when we are low on load.

Also I just buy enough cards for Smart for when we will be out of the country, so I hope to be able to do that with Sun too.


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