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Are there poisonous snakes and spiders in the Philippines?


--- Quote from: codefreeze on September 23, 2017, 06:58:36 PM ---Are there poisonous snakes and spiders in the Philippines?

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Yes, apparently there are lots of them, yet I personally have never seen even one during our times in Cebu or our visits to Manila and Mindanao, yet I read all the time of people encountering some and especially Cobras and my wife had seen many in Mindanao while growing up.
Philippines Islands Venomous Snakes and Poisonous Spiders and Other Dangerous Animals and Insects.

Anyone else ever see any?

I see snakes all the time, Philippine Cobra it doesn't have a rattler but it sure gets around every time our backyard floods a little from heavy rains or when I brush cut, I've killed several, my monkey got one and when our house was flooded ocassionaly they would be swiming in the house it's hard on the nerves they also travel real fast in the roof you can tell it's a snake by the slapping sound.

There's another poisonous creature and I am suffering right now from it's stinging hairs called a Higad caterpillar but everyone in our region nicknames them Boyboy.  I am on my 4th day of Benadryl, these creatures also hurt you when they die they cacoon up in the ceiling area's and when the wind blows the hairs hit you and it's painful, it's like getting burned instantly and the worst from of itching you can imagine.  I've talked with other expats and either they have them or they don't but you'll see them crawling they are hairy and come in different colors mostly brown or grey sometimes orange.  Only safe way to get them off your ceiling if concrete is flame or wet rag and throw it away for good.


--- Quote from: codefreeze on September 23, 2017, 06:58:36 PM ---Are there poisonous snakes and spiders in the Philippines?
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Yeah .....

We have Cobra's.  Taste good too.

The itchy, furry caterpillars.  We call them Boro - Boro.

Big, BIG, Wolf Spiders.  Don't think they are poisonous.  Just spooky as hell when they climb over you.

REALLY BIG Lizards.  They call them Bayawak.  A species of Monitor Lizard.  Which I believe are venomous in the sense that their mouths are so filthy that if you are bit you are guaranteed to get a bad infection.

Fascinating. I thought there might be a few poisonous creatures there. I asked by partner if there were any in Philippines and she said no! hahaha these Manila girls! ;)

These large lizards sound interesting. I will try not to get too close though!


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