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USA citizens living in the Philippines:  what cell phone do you all use while living in the PI. I would like to buy a phone (Blackberry style) that will work in both places, changing out sims as needed.  What stateside service do you use?

Tom Bevan

US cell phones that use a SIMcard will work in the Philippines.
Some may be locked, but for P1000 you can have it unlocked.
My wife here in the US uses a smart buddy roaming card from the Philippines and it allows her to text her friends/family there for P20 but her friends can text her for free.
It is convenient to get ahold of people when we need to
She gets new loads from people on ebay.

Ya... what rufus said.... I use an Apple iPhone in BOTH places... Just change SIM as needed... If you keep your SIM in when your return to USA your friends can txt you everyday like you never left ! Only Voice calls are blocked when roaming...

iPhone can now be unlocked for FREE with your own computer... takes literally ONE click of the mouse... then you wait 5-10 minutes and its ready for ANY sim to be used... FREE software was just released under 2 months ago.. so not too many know about it yet... I did it 3 times so far... flawless. Just google the one-click program iLiberty..

HMMM: I just looked at my links so I can include it and umm, its down... good thing I saved the file ! Odd.. I need it again when globe fills my order for the new 3g iPhone in about a week.
(new iPhone is version 2.0 ... iLiberty that I found can only unlock/openline iPhones up to version 1.14)    :\'(

RUFUS... No need for ebay to reload your SIM... You can reload directly from CHIKKA now!

Just load the chikka software first.. reload is not an option from the web interface...

1. Add your number as a friend in chikka
2. Right click and select EXTRAS --> i$send
3. Add funds to your account with PAYPAL (and a few others)
4. Select how much you want to xfer... its instant and no need to wait for an ebay reply but... its costly...

You pay P44 and only get P30 of credits for their lowest amount... but... its instant... top up all your friends in PI as well !!!  :D


--- Quote from: tbevan on August 12, 2008, 12:23:41 AM --- What stateside service do you use?

--- End quote ---

T-Mobile is what I use when back in USA... thats because they have month-to month plans AND have unlimited internet ($19)... a MUST for a PDA or iPhone like youre looking for...
No more getting stuck to a contract when you travel...  Put your service on hold and they reserve your number for about 3 months as well ! or juts pay around $7 a month to have voicemail only when you travel

Thanks, I will have Mrs RUFUS check it out cuz she already uses chikka


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