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Finally SMART!! Starting TODAY !

P500 monthly option and P100 for 5 days option !

Works with all PRE PAID and even some contract postpaid plans !

P500 for UNlimited VOICE CALLS MONTHLY !!!

OMG... talk your heads off !!!

SMART Buddy prepaid subscribers may avail of Smartalk through registration. A subscriber just needs to send Talk100 to 6400 for a Smartalk 100 package, or Talk500 to 6400 for a Smartalk 500 load. The payment for the package bought will be automatically deducted from subscriber’s prepaid load, and they just need to have a P1 maintaining balance.

They can also buy these Smartalk packages as a load from any of over a million SMART Load retailers all over the country.

When making a call using the Smartalk unlimited package, SMART Buddy subscribers just need to dial *6400 plus the 11-digit subscriber number being called, eg., *640009181234567.

Subscribers of SMART Gold, the telco’s pioneering postpaid brand, may also stretch their monthly budget for mobile services by availing of Smartalk.

All SMART Gold subscribers from Plan 800 and up may avail of 30 days of unlimited calls to any number within the SMART network, with Smartalk 500. They just need to send Talk500 to 6400 to purchase the package, and the 500-peso charge will be billed on top of their monthly service fee (MSF).

SMART Gold subscribers can also purchase Smartalk 100 or Smartalk 500, from any of over a million SMART Load retailers all over the country. This is best for post-paid subscribers who prefer to stay within their MSF cap yet need to avail of unlimited calling service through the convenience of a prepaid package.

It looks like a \"test run\" so jump on the bandwagon fast !!! and talk to all your people across the country for UNLIMITED MINUTES!

fine print says:

--- Quote ---Smartalk will be offered nationwide until September 30, 2009. For more information, visit
--- End quote ---

I think that means if they get overloaded or it doesnt work out they will pull the plug at that time !


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