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ArzelJane Villanueva Bumaya - 10 years young

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Just heard my 10 year old niece ArzelJane Villanueva Bumaya died in a jeepney accident earlier today.

My heart goes out to Arsenio & Joy for their loss

RIP sweetheart  :(

A lovely but quiet and serious child, slow to smile but worth waiting for

4th grade honor student, I had such high hopes and plans for her

Just heard \"lang-lang\" survived the initial crash but in the melee to get out of the jeepney she was pushed aside by a woman, jeepney rolled back and killed her   :\'(

Another young child died in accident also

Gray Wolf:

My heart just sank looking at the photo of your beautiful young niece.  I cannot imagine the mental anguish the family must be enduring.

My deepest condolences to you and her parents.  Be strong for them, my friend.

God Bless

My heart bleeds for her father, who was pinned in the initial crash but was unable to pull her to safety and had to witness bus rolling back onto her. He\'s understandably totally devastated

This is very tragic. So sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.

Such a loss here, her smile in the picture says many wonderful things, may she rest in peace.


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