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The Passing of Dave Strickland \"Smith\" ...Manila P.I.


For all you GREAT AMERICAN\'S Living in the Philippines who Knew Dave Strickland \" Smith\", who lived in Manila !
My Dear friend and Alaskan U.S. Army Buddy Dave Strickland \" Smith\" died in a Manila Hospital  Of a Heart Attack & Fluid in the Lungs on June 28th 2012. I was told the Doctors here told him to back off the Cigarettes and Drinking, But what do Doctors know whats in a Mans Heart ?
I should have gone to see him and putting things off this is what you get, now I have to sufffer for it !.  5 years ago I found Dave after years of separation from the US Army  since 1974 on
He got me to come to the Philippines to check it out, and maybe find love again which I did, But as he said there are so many that it is hard to choose ?  AS I started making trips here he took me through the ropes of do\'s & Don\'t ! The Peso & how to get around !. The favorite place he liked to hang out was G-Point in Ermita !
I was excited to find him once again after so many years,Thanks to Living in the Philippines .com.

He is survived by his wife Mirasol, We checked with her and she is doing fine. After 40 days of Catholic Memorial services, he will be Cremated Tomorrow and his ashes will be scattered in Leyte at his request by his wife.  I knew he had Children, cuz I got him a Magic Jack so he could call them, but unfortunatly he never told me how to could get in touch with them, maybe if somebody knows they can pass it along! His Mom & Family lived in Chico California.
I will always be indebted to him for all his help that he gave me here in the Philippines, \"Dave was a GREAT TEACHER\", and the impact he had on my life since I have been living here in P.I.. . I know now he is at rest. I have loved you and I will Miss you My Brother & Fellow Veteran. God Bless you.
I will see you good friend again someday.
Sake Samurai
Philippine Islands ~

Zak Sparrow:
Yep Dave was a good man, I miss him on my trips to manila. I first met Dave at G-Point in 2007, which was my 1st time back in the phils since being stationed in Subic in the 80's. I was lost in Ermita, nothing looked the same. Dave knew everything about the city and was happy to show me around. I always made a point of visiting him and Marisol every winter when I returned. I talked with him briefly my last time in Manila just days before he died. I ran into Mirasol in G-Point the night before I was headed to Subic. She had me call Dave and try to encourage him to come to his place for a visit, but he was to sick and did not feel like company. I received a text from Mirasol the night I was flying out of the Phils that Dave had passed away. I txt back to her asking if there was anything I could do or any way that I could assist or reply. I've tried several times to reach Mirasol to no avail, I hope she is doing well.


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