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First experience- the smell

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I didn\'t think Cebu smelled that bad at all...
But I did not like the smell of Manila...
To me it was a combo  pee, burning garbage, exhaust fume aroma that not only you could smell, but almost taste.
Manila... no thanks.. give me a province


For me one of the best experiences when traveling  is that first blast of air when you get off the plane in a tropical country. Especially coming from Canada. I think the feeling of the heat, humidity, smell and dank sort of rotting/burning wood/garbage is exciting. Especially when you land in Manila. I\'ve heard it said that NY is the city that never sleeps. Not too sure about that. I\'ve spent many a night looking for a good place for a bite or night cap in Manhattan but when you land in Manila it seems like the world is your oyster. Anything that interests you is there, almost 24 hours. It may be big, dirty and smelly when you compare it to the province\'s, but when you decide to do something you can almost always find a way. How many times have you landed at midnight in Manila. got through the huge line, grabbed your bags, checked in and then (because of the time difference) decided to go out for a drink or a bite to eat.. at 2am. On a few occasions the place will stay open long passed closing to accommodate a party of 3 or 4. All this talk is making me antsy for a trip back  ::)


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