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Thanks Chuck, I guess I will be able to buy an extra piece of bubblegum with that. :(

Steve & Myrlita:
Wow! $2.00. Hip Hip Hooray, Yahoo & Yippee.

Mine will maybe cover half of my health care premium increase.  Why am I complaining though?  I have not had an increase for incoming of any type since January 2010.  Now, I got one.  Even though it and then some is gone before I even get it.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
When I used to have mandatory government health care insurance, premiums were taken out of my retirement pension, any pay raises always got eaten up by the increase of our government health care insurance and now probably the same will eventually happen when the cost of my Medicare premium goes up even though Medicare is not accepted overseas and if I ever cancel my Medicare, we would loose our Military TRICARE health care coverage eligibility.
So in other words any COLA that anyone receives will always get eaten up by the cost of premiums from the increase of health care insurance and or Medicare and also forgot, maybe from the increase of one's Survivor's Benefit Plan premiums too, with all combined was eating away at my AGI, but only stopped for those years when there was no COLA for everyone. 


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