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Internet speeds, oh how I wish we could get these in Cebu

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I just had to test to Cebu first and then within the US, boy how I did not even realize how slow my connection was in Cebu until I turned on my home computer and hit on the forum, boy did it load fast.

Yeah, that is one of my biggest frustrations/complaints with living in the Philippines.  It really is amazing and borderline criminal how far behind the rest of Asia, and the world, when it comes to standard type services such as internet (I would include hotels and "RESORTS", in there as well.   hahahha the word "resort" takes on a whole new meaning here :)
But the internet speed is one of those daily annoyances, most of the rest are just c'est la vie

I can (barely) remember the speeds I had in the states....Ive gotten use to turning on the computer, going to fix a cup of coffee and by the time I get back, its (usually) connected....

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
When I retired in 1997, we didn't even own a cellphone let alone a computer and when we moved to the Philippines a year later, we still didn't have a cellphone or computer until we moved into our newly built home in 2000, but by then we finally got two cellphones, one for each of us. We didn't yet have cable TV or a phone line until 3 yrs later in our newly developed subdivision.
When we did finally got our cable TV installed, a phone line and internet, it was so slow at a snails pace of only 384 Kbps and our TV's reception (analog) was least to be desired. Our cable finally went digital with great reception and our DSL went to 5 Mbps just 2 yrs ago. These type of things do improve over time. We're just happy it works now to our satisfaction without too many complaints. Maybe in a few years, fiber optic WiFi internet/cable TV will be next on our wish list and possibly a solar powered system to run everything in our home.

I've come to terms with it over the last year.  When I left the US I had on average 60mbps speeds.  Crazy fast.  Once in a while it'd dip down to 55mbps or so, but usually it was over 65mbps.  So really, faster than 60mbps average.

Got to Catarman and setup their fastest speed(5mbps) and during the heat of day, lucky if I get 2-3mbps.  It was a killer at first.  But now it's all cool.  Learned how to live with it and get along with it.


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