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Sky Cable, anyone else having issues?


Sky just gave free access to a bunch of channels, I do not know if it was a mistake or on purpose, but what good is it, when the cable keeps going out? I do not know if it is just in our area or if a lot of others are having the same issues? I spoke to one guy in Ayala today and he said they too are having the same issue, whereas another friend I spoke to said no problem at his place. I find it to be so annoying that just as it gets to a good part of the show, the cable goes out for seconds or minutes. I am not a big tv watcher but these issues makes it impossible for me to enjoy any tv here. I guess I am just having a bad week. :(

Can anyone tell me if you get English Premier Leagu and European Champions League football? ( soccer to the North Americans).

We wound up with a dish after going to the local Sky Cable office (which interior thereof resembled a crack house) and getting, "Yes, internet. Yes, cable television. Yes, of course in your area. That package? Yes! Yes, we'll be there in three days. Yes."

The day of installation the same jackwagon called my wife to tell her that, "I'm sorry, ma'm. There's no service in your area yet."


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