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Small change, how do you all handle that?

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My USA Bank has 4 Free ATM charges no matter where we use them I have 2 cards Debit and we get 8 free ATM each no problem using ATM Debit cards from The USA>> ;D we also monitor Both accounts online and do money transfers no problem at no worries 200 piso charge for us yes the philippines still get there 200 piso for sure.

D. Williams:

--- Quote from: Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am on May 25, 2016, 11:29:12 AM ---Yeah, this conversation is straying off the OP of SMALL CHANGE, let's end it here and someone else can post a new topic related to ATM extra charges using ATM cards from other countries.

--- End quote ---
Thank you Art, I agree members are moving off topic to some degree tho it will be allowed for the both topics are in some ways related. Our goal is to help members with information. Secondly the moderators are also doing our best to moderate as little as possible.  If anyone wants a new topic related to ATM machines and fees then please start one. Thank you all for sharing.


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