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Is anyone on here or ever been an Ubuntu OS user?

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But is there an advantage to using Ubuntu over Windows?

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:

--- Quote from: cvgtpc1 on August 28, 2015, 11:13:51 AM ---But is there an advantage to using Ubuntu over Windows?

--- End quote ---
I have never used this Ubuntu OS that's why I asked, but here's a link below that explains some of the disadvantages and advantages of this Ubuntu OS.
Others on here who have used this Ubuntu OS can add more info from their own experiences using this OS.

Disadvantages of Ubuntu
1. Though the operating system is powerful and had improved the user experience, but stills it carry strong lags that must be taken into consideration before installing Ubuntu OS.
Ubuntu is very conventional to new technologies. You can instead go for Fedora Distro.
2. It is very perceptive to faults in hardware which makes it less steady as compared to other operating systems.
3. There is a little hardware support for Ubuntu OS. Some of the users complain that it becomes difficult to configure modem to start work on internet.
4. It is not possible to play the modern games in Ubuntu OS. It shows the poor graphics quality and ne have to use emulators to do so that harms the graphics quality.
5. Though Linux (Ubuntu) has number of free applications and software available on net, but most of the applications are not found for Linux use.
6. Ubuntu is not capable of playing MP3 files by default.
7. The forum support for Ubuntu is really very poor. It takes weeks and even months to get our query solved.
8. The installation of Ubuntu is one of the major problems. It does not come installed in modern PCs. One needs to install it by himself.
9. The drivers support is also absent in most of the cases as compared other operating system.
10. And finally one more major drawback of Ubuntu is that a user switching from Windows or MAC will not like user experience on Ubuntu and will have difficulty in operating the OS.

Advantages of using Ubuntu OS
We discussed about some major drawbacks of using Ubuntu OS but now letís have a look over some advantages of this powerful operating system that will force you to install it on your system.

1. Ubuntu is one of the most secured operating system and defines the highest level of security as compared other operating system.
2. Ubuntu is an open source OS.
3. Ubuntu is most popular Linux operating system.
4. Most of the soft-wares in Ubuntu are pre-installed to enhance user experience.
5. It is available free of cost.
6. 1 GHz x 86 processor (Above Pentium 4)
7. 512 MB Ram
8. 5 GB space must be free on hard drive
9. Graphic card with 800 x 600 resolution
10 USB port or DVD drive for media installation

System Requirements for Installing Ubuntu Conclusion
Ubuntu is most secured OS known till date. But I will personally prefer to go with Windows OS because of its user friendliness and great support. Also Windows is the widely used OS all over the world and can be made secured with the help of antivirus software.

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Hi Art,

Ok, I see where your confusion is coming from.

I will address the last point first. There is anti virus support for all operating systems nowadays. Windows, Apple, Android, and Linux. The support for Linux is as good Windows.

The disadvantages and advantages that are listed are obviously from users, and are valid. However, you only need to look at what your usage will be and then decide based on that. Are you a gamer? Are you a programmer?  Are you an average user, email, web browsing, etc?

As for the technical side, how old is your computer and will you be buying a newer model soon? Newer models also lack proper driver support for Windows, not just Linux.

Keep in mind that now with Windows 10, and its too many issues and problems and bugs, people that I know keep asking about going back to Windows 7 or 8.1. No operating system is ideal or perfect.

Take all of that into account and then you can make a decision based on your needs, and wants. Whatever you decide to install, or not install, should not be difficult.

As I stated, if I did not have to give support for software based on Windows, I would have gone over to Linux and stayed with it many years ago. Every few years I have looked at it, and it has gone from a buggy, difficult to install and set up, operating system, to one that installs and starts up and allows the user to work with it easily and painlessly.


Linux based has been hard to infect with virus, but as it becomes more poplar people will figure a way. I just personally like it.

My take on this is simple, if a person has a computer without an operating system, or an older computer with an outdated operating system that is no longer supported, then it might be worth them playing with Ubuntu. The old saying is, "if it ain't broke don't fix it" that is what I go by. I am happy with 7 and the more I read about 10, the more problems I see some people having with it. The issue with computers and users is that they are not all exactly the same, so some computer will work well with one system or another and others will not, and some users who have different programs may have problems while others who do not use those programs may not notice a problem, so at least in my opinion there is no reason for me to change operating systems.

As for the op, I tried downloading it maybe two years or so ago for an older computer I had with xp and the system would not run, so either I did something wrong, which is likely since I am not a computer wiz, or they forgot to include the autorun in the download, thus I deleted it and reinstalled the XP and gave away the computer and flat screen monitor to a Philippine charity run by a friend of mine in Florida who goes back and forth to the Philippines helping the poor in an area of Samar and ships BB boxes over all the time to help the poor in that area.


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