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Looking for flights, availability, timings across many airlines covering flights to & from:

# Austria
# Belgium
# Denmark
# Finland
# France
# Germany
# Ireland
# Netherlands
# Norway
# Spain
# Sweden
# Switzerland
# U.K.

Each with their own country sites & in their own language. Check out Ebookers on

Or alternatively check out the new BUDGET airline Oasis covering Hong Kong - UK

oasis also flies out of vancouver BC to Hong Kong

99 London to Hong Kong May 1 2008
Then cebu Pacific to cebu midnight May 2

Everthing is extra with oasis....reserve a particular seat x, special meal y, additional luggage capacity z

I\'ll let you know how it works out

Manila Cockney:
If planning to fly from Philippines to Hong Kong then changing onto OASIS to London, Vancouver, keep in mind you cannot check all the way through. At Hong Kong you have to come out of Immigration, collect luggage go from arrivals to departures and check in again. Just make sure you give yourself time. Also they are very strict on luggage and when checking with them was told it was 30 GBP a kilo for overweight.

Over the years I tried most web sites / airlines for cheap flights from Uk to Cebu. The problem I find with some of the routes, is the time spent in airports waiting for connecting flights. Ive been the Hong Kong route twice with Cathay, waiting 9 hours for a connection on way home to London. Didn,t stay in the airport though, I took the train into the city to see the sights. Qatar was a possibility this year, Manchester to Cebu via Doha, but the connecting time is 6 hours in Doha on the way there and even longer on the way home. The best shot for me traveling from either Edinburgh or Newcastle is always with KLM via Amsterdam, only 2 hours wait both ways. This goes to Manila, then hop on either Cebu Pacific or PAL waiting only 3 hours to take us on to Cebu. The departure and arrival times are both excellent, Newcastle 10am - Cebu 3pm next day,( no walking around airports in dead of night). I find that KLM are the most accomodating of all the airlines, with the most helpful staff, and I,m always surprised how cheap they are throughout the winter months especially. Hope this is usefull info for any first time travellers ,


Manila Cockney:
The good thing with KLM and Lufthansa for some is that when changing at Amsterdam/Frankfurt they have more regional flights into the UK and skipping Heathrow or Gatwick. Even if going to London they fly into City airport, which is good for us cockneys and the Essex boys.  

Does anybody know of online travel agents in Philippines that you can check flights, prices and book to UK similar to E-Bookers. Travel agents I have dealt with here still seem to be living in the last century.


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