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So, now what? The topic is on but I don\'t see anything concerning the Britons Europeans etc. I think we need to give it an ID this topic. First, let me address the French citizens living in the PR, if any connected to this group. If you are living in the Philippines you owe it to yourself to be registered with the French Embassy in Manila and ask about a unique privilege very few foreign citizens enjoy; Real Health Insurance. Ask for \"la Caisse des Francais a l\'etranger\". Inexpensive premium, will cover 70% of your medical expenses with no exclusion or limit. You must be French citizen to get it. Once you have it I\'ll tell you in private how to be reimbursed at 100%. A bien tot!  

There is also a French consulate in Cebu

Hi  Evan,

Thanks for your entry into this new board. The last time I checked though, I believe that France was in Europe so

--- Quote ---I don\'t see anything concerning the Britons Europeans etc.
--- End quote ---

Your post fulfils that. So \'Viva La Difference\'.  ;)


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