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Not sure where to post this, so picked this section, since it has Military in the heading.

 Has any retired military members got their wife a Military ID card at the U.S. Embassy in Manilia?  I have an apt in mid June to get my wife her dependent ID card.

Just curious....

Good question (I have no answers) but would assume that would be the correct place. (Esp since you have an appointment there! lol) hopefully one of the other retired military members who has gone thru this will answer.  At a minimum pls let us know how it goes and any required paperwork, etc.

I will keep you posted on this...

If your wife does not have a SS# or a ITIN # they still can get a Military ID Card, they will give her a temporary number for it. I got this info from the US Embassy in Manila where they issued ID Cards today

Well I got to the Embassy yesterday about 2 hrs early, thinking they might be able to get my wife in early for her ID Card....not.. after waiting abut 1 hour or so, the whole computer system there at least for doing the ID Card went down.  And they  had to reschedule her apt to next Wedensday.  So after spending money on a hotel, airfare, food and ID Card.  Hopefully next week it will be up and running.  I did get my VA apt in so it was not all for nothing.


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