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Any U.S. Veterans on this forum?

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Zak Sparrow:
I thought I would start this and inquire as to how many veterans there are on this forum? I have met several while visiting the phils and know the veteran community in the phils faces a unique set of circumstances living there. I would be interested in sharing these experiences, if anyone else is? looking forward to your replies.

USMC from 82-89 - peacetime Marine here.

I did spend 4 years in Iraq an Afghanistan as a civilian contractor working with Army HQ units dealing with knowledge management from an IT perspective.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I'm retired USAFR and Civil Service combined. I had 12 yrs active duty and 18 yrs Reserves/Civil Service time, which combined gave me a total of 30 yrs service 1967 - 1997 under the Air Reserve Technician Program (ART) under the Civil Service Commission. 
I've been stationed all over the place stateside and overseas as a C-141 & C-5 aircraft cargo jet mechanic. My longest place stateside I was stationed at was at Travis AFB, Ca for 18 yrs, Luke AFB, Az 4 yrs and overseas at Clark AB 4 yrs and U-Tapao AB Thailand 2 yrs.
As a Reservist I did short duty tours (TDYs) of 2 weeks in Alaska, Washington State, Texas, S. Korea, Guam, Hawaii, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and Okinawa.   
I've been married to a Filipina for 28 yrs now and we have retired and lived in the Philippines NCR of Luzon going on 18 yrs.   

Retired AF here

Ten years USAF active duty myself.

Got out 21 years ago, never regretted it till now.


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