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TonyandJelma asked a question on moving to the Philippines

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D. Williams:
In this thread,;topicseen#msg69265
I felt a new topic might be called for so they can get less restricted answers.

--- Quote ---Do we have anyone here who retired from the military and went straight to the Philippines? I am wondering about the process of household goods shipment, travel, etc...

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Tony and Jelma,
First of all, welcome to the board!
Are you still on active duty and in 2 years you will retire and immediately move to the Philippines? What's you home of records? I assume you already know shipping of your household goods is only shipped to your home of record from your last duty station prior to retirement and from there you are on your own to ship to the Philippines. If you are dead set in shipping your household goods to the Philippines, you better do your homework on how to do it by a reputable overseas shipping company.
You can start here to do your research -
When I retired from the USAFR and Civil Service in 1997 with 30 yrs of service, we got rid of everything we owned and move to the Philippines the following year. We only shipped 10 Balikbayan boxes of necessary items to a relative for safe keeping prior to our arrival in the Philippines. From there we started our lives anew from scratch renting for 2 years before moving into our newly built home in 2001.
17 years later we're still here and enjoying our retirement lifestyle in the modern suburbs of Sta Rosa, Laguna NCR of Luzon, the only place we would rather be, since it's our roots and home for the long haul come hell or high waters.  ::) ??? :o ;)
BTW, since you're military, you maybe interested in the Expanded SRRV program. Read up  on it here under the Expanded SRRV topic.

When you retire from the military your household goods can be shipped to any location in the CONUS, your home of record outside the CONUS or the place from which you were called to active duty.  So you have the option of shipping to a West Coast port then paying from that point to the Philippines.  See below:

Not sure of the whole setup and how it worked, but have two friends here who did the same thing.  One was military(USN) the other just a 'kano.  Both loaded up containers(one actually loaded up almost every appliance and piece of furniture as well as a few other things in a large shipping container) the other just a large 2 pallet sized container and shipped them here and neither had to pay a dime of fees because both had Pinay wives and they used some law where any returning native can move all personal effects back to the phils duty free.

Now, the 'kano, paid over $5k to have that shipping container shipped from California to Northern Samar, but it had pretty much all of his nice new US appliances as well as all he nice beds and other things that are pretty much impossible to find in the Phils unless you're willing to vastly overpay.  The other had a couple appliances(stove, microwave, ect) sent over from Cali after finishing his time over in the middle east and had all his items shipped to Cali. 

In another thread someone brought up the legal jargon and all on what the exact rules are, but it's a good way to get out of paying any duty fees.  Still not the cheapest way to get things sent here.

All those nice new US appliances should work real well over here.


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