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golf in Cebu


barili boy:
Anyone playing golf in Cebu? would like some info on courses and costs

Everything you ever wanted to know about golf in Philippines...


and guess what... it was on my desk for days and just last nite the wife decided to clean up ! Well when she wakes up I will post details - it includes locations.


I looked all over - cant find it ..

title looked like teh PHILIPPINE INQUIRER newspaper..

in fact I think the title is INQUIRER... then golfing in fine print.. about 50 pages glossy...

Anyone else shop at Glorietta mall in manila - feel free to pick one up at the golf store there next to PRO SPORTS shop and next door to Japan Surplus shop/daiso

Listed locations, club dues etc...

Most things can be found using the search facility........make sure you at at the top folder coz it only looks downward,2601.msg18601.html#msg18601

or Google search.

I found this

GolfPH.Com has information on Courses and Tee times.  I live in Iloilo and have started going to the Golf Range regularly with my Father in Law.  Hoping soon to play Santa Barbara.  If you are interested in playing around here let me know...


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