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Watching Champions League Final: Manchester United vs. Barcelona?



Hi all!

Anyone staying up for the Champion\'s League final tonight?

Manchester United v. Barcelona, Rome Olympic Stadium, Wed 27 May 20:45 (Thu 02:45 Philippine time).

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The forward battle will be between Cristiano Ronaldo / Wayne Rooney / Carlos Tevez versus Lionel Messi / Samuel Eto\'o / Thierry Henry.

Discontinued the cable TV service a little while ago... Will have to find a way to follow the game...  :-\\  ???

yes will DEFFO be following the game..come on the red devils....hope it doesnt flatter to decieve coz this has the potential to be an all time great!!


thought this might give all united fans some inspiration lol


--- Quote from: leprechaun63 on May 27, 2009, 10:10:13 PM ---
thought this might give all united fans some inspiration lol

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Nice one... must have come from a leprechaun... oh, it did!

Have a score prediction?

yes I think Man U way to flash..classy and mentally strong for them...Barca won\'t cope with Uniteds mental strength and grit..BULLDOG mentality...I feel 2-1  or 3-1 to United. Should be goals in it..

My best mate in Dublin is United daft..named his daughter Alex after Sir Alex lol..he\'ll be txt me shortly in the build up..he had the good grace not to txt me sunday wen cellik flopped lol

            C\'mon the Mancs!!!



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