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Big day\'s sport,
             after recent sporting events pacman and the champions league final [ man utd ] england cricket took a knockout blow to the amature dutch team last night...after my wife stopped laughing at the embarrassment and dismay and anger of the BBC commentators she has finally got the grasp of in-ger-lands delusions of sporting granduer...[ commentators anyhow ] and their inability to refrain from sporting psychops \'own goals\'
             on an entertainment front where would we be without them \' god bless their cotton socks\' hope they don\'t wobble today in the soccer again khazakstan of \'borat\' fame...\"surely not??\" could my sides survive anymore splitting?? ireland play bulgaria and we thankfully have a \'granduer\' complex that anything more than a defeat ie a draw-will be as good as a victory and another excuse for a hangover!!  ;D
             Congrats to Holland..please God the British Lions rugby team will not read the english papers before todays game and believe the game is already won... :o
             God life is gooood!!

Ah yes, the fighting Irish, no battle greater my man, in deed or whatever!!

dutch without a capital \"D\", come-on man, a little respect there!  ;D

Hummmm, \"cotton socks\".................... that a new one for me! LOL

no disrespect intended with the Holland with a small h...i just sometimes can\'t be arsed taking time for the capitol locks..hope Ireland qualify for the world cup and get put in the same group as england..[see did it again..]  ;D

Are those sports? ;D

Actually, its called The Netherlands.  Holland is a region of The Netherlands... ;D At least that\'s what they teach us when we work there... 8)

Any Dutch members are very welcome to correct me.  Sometimes I need it... ;D

Dag (thats the extent of my language training in the Limburgh


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