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fishing guides??

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I have looked at all the links and searched online but havent found much
i am going to be traveling through the north and west of mindanao, camaguin, Leyte, Samar and the Bicols.  Does anyone know about fishing guides? 
If i cant find a guide i thought about trying to find an old guy commercial fisherman to take me out handlining (or maybe chucking dynamite :D)   not really!! (Although i am reminded of the the good old boys in Kentucky that were dynamite fishing-  the game warden came upon them and started the arrests - the one old boy lit a stick tossed it to the warden- \"You gonna talk or fish???\" ;D)
or the indiana boys were chucking dynamite across the Ohio - the kentucky boys were lighting it and throwing it back :)
Well any thoughts or ideas??
A big bottle of rum might get something going?

I\'ve gone the commercial route a few times.............stone crabbing out of Ft Myers for the day, summer spent on crab boat out of Smith Island Virginia

Take your time picking the guy you go out with.......

It\'s hard to find a fishing guide because there are no fish to catch here as least in our area  I live in the Sea Food Capital of the Philippines  and the largest fish caught in local water is maybe 6 inches long most are 3 inches long many of the larger fish in the market are raised in fish corals in the ocean or caught down around Mindanao but you may have more of an adventure down south then you are ready for

Tom / Roxas City Sea Food Capital of the Philippines or used to be

Gray Wolf:
Here\'s a link that may give you a source or two.

The best way is to find a local fisherman with a boat and ask him to take you out for a day of fishing.  Make sure he\'s a fisherman and not just a bankero who hauls passengers.  They wouldn\'t know where to find anything other than the next beach landing.   ;D

You have chosen several places as possible fishing spots.  My opinion is that you can certainly find at least one \"guide\" to satisfy your desire to do some angling. 

Contrary to claims that the Philippines is \"fished out\" (not referring to you, Tom  ;D  ) an early morning visit to any fish market will belay those fears.  My experience is that you will find good fishing in the deeper waters offshore.  But be prepared to take a long, sometimes frightening, trip far offshore to find the really good deep water fish like Tanguigi (Mackerel)

Lapu-Lapu (Grouper) or Tuna.  The southern waters off Mindanao has some of the best tuna fishing anywhere.  Deep waters off the northeastern tip of Luzon is well known as good Marlin waters and also has some of the biggest and best King Mackerel.  There are good outfitters to be found in Port San Vicente.  They fish off Escarpda Point with good results usually. 

There are some outfitters/guides in Subic Bay, but none of them advertise online. 

Hardly anyone in the RP uses this medium successfully.  You\'ll need to have feet on the ground and ask around to find a good one anywhere.

I have no names of specific guides or any idea of the cost.  But at least I didn\'t tell you that there are no fish to be found and that all the reef systems are dead due to dynamite or cyanide use.   ::)   It does happen, unfortunately, but not nearly as much as some people would have us believe.  You may have to do a lot of research and digging to find the proper area to fish and the correct guide, but believe me, there are plenty of fish left in the ocean around the Philippines.  \'Sup to you to decide where to try your skills.

Good luck!  I want to see pics of your days catch!   

The fishermen here in Bohol are really struggling these days and the fish market here is normally a real let down..Prices are getting higher than normal now too..
Got a friend that bought a fish finder from the US with GPS.. Used it for the last couple of weeks(with employed Filipino captain) now and cant catch a cold. Many here put it down to over fishing from locals and the big boys from Cebu.


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