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Mike M.:
Hi guys.  I live an hour or so north of Manila in Bulacan.  I fish a couple of times a week, if you can call it that.  There are several small, brown, crap filled streams that harbor catfish, mudfish, wild Tilapia, eels and snakes.  I use spinners, worms, flies, sometimes nothing, just to have a line in the water.  I never take any home and I never eat them.  I enjoy watching the water, looking at the occasional folks that walk by and who stare at me for 1/2 mile after passing..::)).  Recently I tried the compressed rifles that fire a dart.  The dark brown fish near the surface and you try to hit them.  Not much luck so far and I am not really a hunter.

I always have boat fever and try to get someone to take me out from time to time.  Usually we go to Manila Bay and sit in the heat until the beer runs out.  Sometimes someone catches a smallish fish that they usually throw back.  What the hell, I got a line in the water.

Mike M.

Hi Mike,  My name is paul.  Currently i live in henderson, nevada.  I wish i was there fishing.  Don,t care much about the snakes.  When i retire there in cebu i plan on doing alot of fishing.  love to eat fish.

Hey guys,

I\'m also an avid fisherman, grew up fishing fresh water reservoirs in Ga and the Gulf coast in Fla.
I\'m working in Dhahran Saudi Arabia (fishing sux) and will be retired shortly living full time near Subic bay.

Have you seen or heard of any serious Charter boats around the Subic area?
I\'ve seen a couple of nice private fishing boats at the Subic Yacht club but I don\'t see any charters.

I\'m thinking with the amount of tourist coming into the AC and Subic area, this might be a good business opportunity.

Any thoughts?

Gray Wolf:

I could find only one who advertised online:
Of course there could, and most likely will, be many locals who wouldn\'t be advertising online.  I saw many nice boats at the Subic Bay Yacht Club my last visit.  Some were waay more than \"nice\".   ;D  They were most likely personal craft and not commercial. 

Thanks for the Link.
If their getting an 8 person min at P5,100 a head, their doing pretty good.
I would like to see the boat.
I emailed them for more information.

I fella with a descent boat and a good mate could make a go of it at these prices if the demand was there.

Thanks again!


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