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First Impressions, Davao and beyond.....

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 :)  I\'ve been in Davao for nearly 4 days now and the PH for almost a week.  I\'ve read a few negative posts here and my experience (the Great Lost Bags Cebu Pacific Airlines fiasco aside) has been wholly positive.  I find I like the Tricycles a lot, but the Jeepneys less only because my 6\'2\" frame places my head up against the roof in the Jeepneys and thus my vision is very restricted.  I like to see outside when I am traveling, so Jeepneys don\'t please me only for that reason.  You sure can\'t beat the price.

I have 3rd world travel experience all over Central America, Eastern Europe and some parts of Asia.  My most recent experience has been in Eastern Europe, primarily Romania.  So, I guess it\'s only natural that I draw comparisons between the two countries.  By far and away, the PH is much cleaner and has far less trash lying about than Romania.  For some reason that surprised me, but I like it.  I am curious that trash cans are always hard to find, yet litter well contained.  That speaks well of the people I think.

As I expected, the people have been very friendly, no one has tried to pick my pocket or slit my throat, what\'s to complain about?   :)

My travel radius is expanding every day, I\'ll report if things change over time.  For now, I\'m very happy I came and wish I\'d come years ago.



Bill, thanks for the good report.   8)  I\'m glad you didn\'t let the Cebu Pacific incident cloud your outlook.  You\'re right, so many people comment negatively but I have come to the conclusion that they are probably negative about everything in life.   :(  Those with a positive outlook will generally have a positive experience.   ;)  I look forward to hearing more about your travels throughout the RP.   ;D

Speaking of realistic (and head in the clouds  :P) Bill, what airline did you fly over on? I\'m 6\'2 with a large frame and I\'m sort of concerned with airline seats... I notice that most airlines that fly direct to manila are asian airlines (China, Korea, and Philippine Air specifically) and I\'m wondering (hoping) that they have American sized seats. Yes? No? And how was the flight over?

I envy you, and everybody else that is over there already. Have a great time! Looking forward to more updates!


I am also 6\'2\' and was pushing 300 lbs in June on my flight over.  Flew China Airlines from San Francisco-Taipei-Manila one way ticket.  Couple of hour lay over in Taipei very nice modern airport(short walk between arrival terminal and departure terminal all in side). Seating was more than adequate and great food for an airline. Stewardesses were attentive and plane was well maintained on the interior.  Would use them again if traveling.


BC Boy:
Ask for an emergency exit seat, at least there is more leg room. Or pony up for business class and have your own bed  ;D


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