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Hey Group
Anyone have much information on Talisayan a town Ne of CDO.  My gf has property there and just wondiering if anyone has any info on this town.

thanks Patrick

Opposite Camiguin Island? About 60km NNE of CDO? My wife\'s youngest brother lives there

It\'s a pretty small place on the coast road, about 30km before reaching Gingoog City, not much to interest foreigners
Close to the ferry at Balingoan to Camiguin, certainly more touristy attractions there
Not too sure about the quality of beaches/restuarants there
There\'s a dive resort nearby in Mantangale
The only sign of hotel, b&b on wikimapia is Rosales Pensionne

Julieto will be visiting our apartment tomorrow.......If you give me a list of questions I\'ll see what info we can get for you


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