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hello group, i am leaving for iligan city next sunday, and was wondering what is the best american bill to carry for money changers? last time i was there i was told not to bring 100\'s. is that still the case? thanks

100\'s are what you want to change.
Make sure they are the new series (2002+ I think), without tears or writing/stamps/etc...

Gray Wolf:
As clean and crisp as you can get with no marks, stamps, tears, wrinkles or smudges.  And definitely make sure you don\'t include any with dye markings from the last bank you heisted.   ;)   ;D

Iligan city is a nice place...I\'ve been there several times.

For US dollar exchange....100\'s really ARE what the banks and money changers want.......they told me clean. crisp, no marks...but try no older than 5 years because the older 100\'s are easier to forge.


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