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It's good to get off topic.....that is life and how we grow and learn. Stay on one topic, you'll get bored or rich, stay sediment & die or just never progress?
Anyways we hit PI Dec five and Moma is running the show for a few days......if I get her permission we shall meet before you on me/ Nueva Ecija....don't know and not asking your province...message when we get there. 
Then again I'm not intellectual....just well schooled in hands on of breaking and fixing mechanical Tae.
From Christmas till New Years is my allotted time from Moma...which I am more than sure to spend a most of it in Baguio and Baler.



--- Quote from: Hestecrefter on November 13, 2019, 07:27:43 AM ---Well lost, I hear you.
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I am gonna jump this conversation thread to over here.  Not hijack this topic more than I already have.


--- Quote from: Hestecrefter on November 12, 2019, 08:37:34 AM ---Perhaps something about my MacBook Pro the site does not like.  I keep getting the blank page.  I did manage to look at it by using Google to search for it.  Even then, one site showed separate urls for the test and the answer sheet.  I can call up the test.  No luck with the answer sheet.  I won't spend too much time now trying.  I have other things to do here in the Phils at present.

But the test does not seem all that challenging, apart from things that require knowledge specific to West Virginia in that time.  Very similar to the kind of tests we faced as kids in Toronto long ago.

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I am in Manila and use Windows 7 with Chrome. I can't get that link to work either.


--- Quote from: User444 on November 14, 2019, 11:04:16 AM ---I can't get that link to work either.
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Uhmmm.  That link still works for me.

The point of the link was to illustrate the degradation in education over time. 

Supply initiative.  Look around and find another test from the turn of the century.


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