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Renewable Energy Resources

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--- Quote from: Gray Wolf on July 20, 2014, 10:22:48 PM ---That's a very neat little cooking stove!  Where did you find it and how much did it cost?  I'd like to replace the junky little charcoal burner my family uses.

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Hehe Kuya Art I be happy to tell you here where I got it as long as I don't get in trouble for advertising the business. It cost I think 2500 pesos( sori, getting senile due to old age) and locally made in La Union.


--- Quote from: Leinster Lad on July 21, 2014, 11:45:41 AM ---Hi Julie,
at least wood is "carbon neutral" in that as it goes, it stores the carbon, then, when it decomposes or is burnt, it releases the carbon.
Really has nothing to do with the ozone layer.... this is associated with hydroflurocarbons ( refrigeration gas ) in the upper atmosphere.

Carbon, as CO2 gas, acts as a blanket and as such, slows down the loss of heat from the planet.

Nature has evolved to a very fine balance of all "things"
This balance point is such that it allows life to exist.
When the balance point moves too far from our current "ideal" point........ as we know it will be gone.

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Thank you. Just to let you know I flunked chemistry twice in college. My professor took pity on me gave me a passing grade so I can graduate.  Lol.


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