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Was going to follow up with the latest on the post regarding driver license requirements, can't find the post, seems I have lost a couple of days worth.

Started today around 0830 hrs and was walking out the door with license in hand by 1000 hrs. It is a cake walk if you go prepared. Take original passport, DL along with photocopies I also gave a copy of my ACR which they kept, but didn't ask for. Before even going into LTO get your drug screen for 300 php at one of the numerous places within a 30 second walk and your medical which by the way is an absolute joke for 150 php.  Take all documents back to window 14 at LTO application screening. They will review everything and give you a one page application that takes 30 seconds to fill out. Take it back to the same window you will be issued a number for the waiting game. You will be called up by number to different windows, for pictures, payment (615 php), review and then actual license.
Completely painless, was surprised it went so fast and much cheaper than the GF had been quoted by someone who could expedite things. 

Gray Wolf:
Yep, looks like we lost a day or two worth of posts.  I'm officially blaming China and North Korea for this heinous act and personally declare war on them both!  A pox on China and the PRK!   >:(    ;)    :)

I gotta tell ya...the first time I went in for my license,and they said something about a drug test,I about told them to take a flying ****.I am seriously tempted to forget about the license altogether...not because I can't pass a drug test,but because this is just too over the top.What is next? Iris scans?

The longer I live here,the more surprised I am as to what people here will allow their government to do to them.

It seems like governments every where are screwed up but at the same time, in a lot of instances, the crap is bought on by some people doing stupid things and in turn causing inconvenience and discomfort for others.

I don't understand the concern about taking a drug screen before getting a drivers license. I realize that driving is a granted privilege and not a right not only in this country, but any country I have been too. As long as the test is supposedly administered to everyone equally, yes I know some people pay their way out of doing it the legal way and circumvent the system. Urine test is quite easy to defeat if they are not random. With the only exception being for smoking pot all of the drugs they are testing for, metabolize and are out of the body in 72 hours. Pot on the other hand can take weeks or months if a heavy user.


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