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Finally, was able to buy a new car, yay :)

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Part of this tale has to do with banking, as it is about getting a a new car loan, but it has to do with cars, so it is up to the admins if it stays here or is moved to the banking section ;)

This all started last October. I went to a Toyota dealer here in BGC to see how much new cars cost. With all of our expenses and incomes I saw that what we wanted, needed, and what we can afford are very different. In the end I decided on an Avanza, 1.5 litre, automatic transmission, for just under 1,000,000 Php. I decided as my wife, who is a true Pinay ;) lol, needed convincing that we needed a car.

That is when our trials and tribulations commenced.

Before we got married I tried getting a loan through my bank, no names to protect the guilty ;) lol. They refused, along with several others, even ones that the Toyota dealer tried even after we got married, and showed the proof of it. We never gave up and finally one bank, after applying online where my wife has had an account for a while, said yes.

Now comes the learning about how things are done here, which was quite different from everything that I am used to in Canada where I am from.

We first had to get a P.O. sent from the bank to the dealer, which was modified several times until both parties were happy with it. Then we had to get the dealer to, as they put it, start the reservation. They put our request and name on a waiting list, and told us it would take about a month to a month and a half to get the unit. Well, two months later and nothing was happening. The dealer kept saying wait wait wait. So I sent an email to the customer care of Toyota and then things started happening.

The dealer told us that we were not in a waiting list for the making of the car, only to see if one becomes available with out specifications. Huh? They finally found one, not in the colour that we wanted, and put a reservation on it. When they got it at the dealership we went to finally sign some papers, and to see if it was what we could live with. The dealer then had to send the unit details to the bank, telling us that everything with the bank had to be settled in 5 working days or the car would be released to somebody else.

Then started another long story. We had to deal with the usual issue of my wife earning a low salary, me being a foreigner, and me being over 60, even though I am still working and earning enough to cover everything. Again, back and forth and emails and texts between us and the bank. Meanwhile the dealer kept telling us to hurry up or they will let the car go. Our stress levels, needless to say, skyrocketed for several days, until the bank finally said, ok.

They emailed the ATD, authorisation to deliver, to the dealer, where we signed some more papers, and were then told we have to wait 12 working days for the LTO to register the vehicle. It turned out that the LTO was not taking as long as that, it was only 5 working days, and we had to pick up the car right away. The dealership was quite insistent on it.

So, now we have a new car, we are enjoying the freedom that it brings, even if I still have to convince my wife to actually use it sometimes ;) lol.

We are looking forward to day trips, weekend trips, and just getting around town, not during the work week usually, and not during rush hour if we can avoid it ;)

Well, that's our tale, hopefully our trials and tribulations help others out there to learn about buying a new car here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


do you and your wife have current drivers' license?  that's what we did today. 

congratulations.  the new car deserves a name.  how will you call it?


--- Quote from: piozam13 on July 25, 2017, 02:30:03 PM ---do you and your wife have current drivers' license?  that's what we did today.

--- End quote ---

Be interested to know how that went, what was required for your drivers license and what type of visa you are on.


--- Quote from: David690 on July 25, 2017, 04:44:40 PM ---Be interested to know how that went, what was required for your drivers license and what type of visa you are on.

--- End quote ---

Go here and everything it says pertaining to foreigners works as advertised.  He will have to answer your question on his visa though.


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