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We have had our car a year and needed to renew the insurance.  Car financed through BDO and insured through Prudential.  Couple weeks before expiring call Prudential to inquire about renewal, this is early Jul.  They email me the info which includes a letter from BDO addressed to me that gives the instructions plus the cost of renewal, the letter is dtd 4 Apr 2017.  I am still waiting to receive the original ltr from BDO.  Went to BDO per the letter and paid the annual payment on 14 Jul prior to it expiring.  Called Prudential middle of last week to check the status of my policy.  Where did you pay and when, was their question. Told them the date and place, which is where the letter said to pay.  After checking "OK your policy is good".  Me "when will I get my policy?".  Them "3 months Po".  After going back and forth I ask for manager, of course manager has customer, ask for manager to call.  Next day manager on phone, manager will call you.  That afternoon I call back and get the manager.  Again it is it takes 3 months.  Inform manger I have no proof of current insurance, no problem your insurance is good. >:(  After going round and round with manager, she calls BDO to get the info to verify payment and agrees to send policy via courier not PhilPost.  Got an email this afternoon with attached copy of policy, stating hard copy was being forwarded.  Anyone else had a problem like this with car insurance?


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
We've been with FPG Ins in Alabang for a few years now. Our agent emails us an itemized coverage cost of our comprehensive vehicle insurance for review. After we have confirmed the info, within a few days our agent comes to our home and hand delievers our policy to us and I pay him in cash right then and there with official receipts of course.

Got the policy by courier yesterday afternoon.  Guess it does not take 3 months if you complain!


our 4th year with the same company.  we visited their small office.  this time we are insuring a different car. 
they called the car dealer to fax them the details. 
we got the quote. 
went across the street to get cash to pay.  came back and in less than 10  minutes "here's your policy".  we paid and got our receipt.
transaction took less than an hour.
some days one could be lucky.

Could the difference be between a vehicle which is financed and those that are not?

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