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Places to rent in the Davao area??


 ???  What I read about renting property in the PH and what I\'m experiencing in talking to Realtors are very different.  I\'m being quoted prices for housing there that are as much or more as I would pay here in Oregon!   ::)  Something doesn\'t seem right with this picture, ya\' know?  Am I talking to the wrong people or what?  I\'d like a furnished 2-3 bdrm condo/townhouse/house in a safe neighborhood (whatever that is) for a 3-6 month period...3 preferred.  I\'m being quoted prices closer to 30k P than 10k I was expecting.  Any advice to be had out there?

On a related topic, what would the nice but not American priced hotels be in town?




You\'ve got 2 different problems

1. Time frame 3-6 month rentals means that you\'ll be looking at tourist rates. ie double or more than the going rate.
2. Dealing with realtors, they want paying, plus given your short time frame they want to maximise their earning as you\'ll be a one off deal.

If you wait until you are there, cut out the realtor and negotiate directly P10,000 rents are POSSIBLE - but you gotta do the footwork!

My wife (then girlfriend) found a 2 bed townhouse for P9,000 in Tagbilaran, BOHOL - on a month to month basis
Then found another at P7,500 (but on a one year lease)
Davao shouldn\'t be any more expensive,

Try Red Knight Gardens
Studios from P1500 - 1 bed suites from P2100
Ask about reduced rates for long term (30+ days)

Comes highly recommended from family and business associates - we\'ll be there in May 2011

** info about things to do nearby
They even mention other hotels

Realty agents take you to the expensive places first, regardless what you tell them your price range is. When my wife was looking for a place to live in Angeles she told them max 25,000 a month. All the places they showed her were $1000 or more. They swore up hill and down dale that there was nowhere available for less than 40,000 a month, anywhere in Angeles.

We came very so close to signing a two year contract for a place at that price, then they messed her around a bit with the contract and my wife went out and beat feet around town on her own, asking people, looking at signs outside houses, and she found our current gaff for 20,000 a month.

Feet on the ground is about the only way you are going to get a good deal.

If you only want 3-6 months you might do better to take a decent hotel suite. Pay up front a month at a time and they should give you a discount. Plus you can move if you need to if you fancy a change of locale. And you get cleaning and stuff for free.

Plus no electric and water bills etc. And beleive me, that soon adds up to a fair chunk of change the rates they charge in the PI now. Electric can add $100 + a month to your living costs.

 :)  Thank you all that information was very helpful.



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