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Davao Migration


Well, I enjoyed Cebu, but have made the move to Davao. Cebu becoming a bit too crowded for me and after a lot of moving around with Cebu to experience different lifestyles, I decided on Davao.

I\'ve only been here a couple of weeks, but for those asking about safety ... I feel more comfortable here than in Cebu. At least I feel quite safe in the subdivision that I\'m in and it is not a gated one.

I was actually quite surprised at the number of westerners that I see at the beach and the malls. So I guess that a number of them feel the same way that I do. And none of them seem like sexual predators. Most are ordinary fold buying home improvement items at the hardware store, shopping in the mall supermarket, and sitting on the beach like a corona beer commercial.

Overall impressions so far? The beach is cleaner. The roads are not littered to the same degree that I experienced in Cebu. The traffic is far less nasty. There is less dust and exhaust in the air. There are a number of typical malls available, but I\'ve just begun exploring the local market areas in town and find them more comfortable than walking around in Cebu\'s Colon areas.

I think I\'m going to like living here a lot.

Glad to see you found something that better fits your needs...


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