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Hello! question about travel and Nov. 13


Hello everybody!

How\'s everybody doing? Moderator, please move this thread to where appropriate - I just figured the most people would look here.

I\'m a huge Manny Pacquiao fan.  In fact, i\'m such a fan that I specifically modified my vacation to make sure I am in Philippines on November 13 to watch his upcoming fight.  I have read things about how it\'s such a huge party, I would love to experience that with the Pinoys.  So my question to you all is; where is a good place to watch it? As a foreigner I am worried about safety.  Is it a good idea to travel from Boracay to Manilla just for the experience? My first time in Phillipines.

Thanks very much!

Historically there\'s been a number of different ways to watch the fight

Sports bars and cinemas get live feed

Australian sports channel (forget the name of it) gets a 1 hour delay on cable tv (this is what I did + invited family members over)

I\'m sure there\'ll be dozens of places on Boracay to see the fight

If you don\'t have a girlfriend then get one and let her take you where you can watch the fight. In our province (Ilocos Norte) they show all the fights at the market on a big screen or a bunch of tv\'s. Enjoy the vacation. You won\'t have any problem seeing the fight.

Yikes Manny is 8/1 on to win this one with Margarito at 9/2

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