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What method of service do you expats use to make calls back to the states?  I know there's magic jack but I'm not too familiar with this method.  Any other suggestions?

If you have any kind of internet speed Skype works great. I don't use the video part just calling. I put $20 credit and it last forever.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I don't make alot of calls to the U.S., but when I have to, I use Skype on my desk top or cellphone with my own assigned U.S. phone #, which I pay a small amount and calls are pennies on the dollar, ie $20 would last quite a while. Also all 1-800 toll numbers are free. Just check out their website and read all about their service. I had Magic Jack years ago, but it stop working properly after a few years on my desk top.

Thank you all for the info!


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With Skype you can get a stateside phone number tethered to your Philippine receiving device. Either pc or smart phone.

That comes in handy when online forms or customer service reps can't deal with oconus phone numbers.

Hope this helps


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