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Gray Wolf:
Here are some links to custom boat builders in the Philippines.  Please feel free to add to the list for the benefit of all our boating friends.


Gray Wolf:
Virtually no Philippine business uses the internet to conduct day to day business except for a few.  Most use it as a basic form of advertising.  These links are offered not as a way to \"order\" a new boat, but to give people an idea of where some of the custom builders are located, and perhaps a selection of the types of boats they build.  Beyond that it is up to each individual to contact the builders in person to see if the boats offered meet with their individual needs.  Let\'s face it, most boat builders in the Philippines are found on the beach working in a small nipa hut hacking out a wooden structure from scratch with no plans except for the ones embedded in their heads.   ;)

I am in particular looking to have built a 75\' foot diesel powered pump boat. My first question is, does anyone know a good native pump boat builder and a way to contact them. If not then perhaps a physical place/location where the reputation for quality work and building larger size pump boats are recognized. I want ot build one that I can use to travel around the country including along the pacific ocean side of Mindanao. The boat must be built for safety and comfort geared to housing divers, scuba diving and fishing equipemt and dive compressors.



ok,try again,,was sending a pic of my boat,,but it was to big..had it built in nabas,some good carpenters there but next boat I will build will bie on romblon as all my family comes from there and I can keep an eye on the process.maybe we can build together or maybe you would like to lease my other boat with crew,,my father inlaw is skipper and there is four others ,two r cousins to my wife.

After reading what some requests were I have gathered that there are many ways to seek out boat builders, but using internet links is not what I am looking for.  I would have found them already with over 100 hours of research I have done on the internet.   What I have discovered is the variety of boats being built in fashion or another.  I like others am interested in finding the builder who is on the beach, who is reliable and can build the type of pump boat I\'m looking for.  Of course all builders have their own way, but like me and some of the others are asking \"who and where are the most seaside custom boat builders located\"?  Internet links havent been so good...been there done that.....

THANKS TO ANYONE WHO TAKES THE TIME TO REALLY GIVE SOME SOLID INPUT.  I have been told Dumagete and Batangas are good places to search......any other suggestions?


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