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--- Quote from: Gray Wolf on August 17, 2018, 12:02:22 AM ---I know of no rule saying you can't post a link to a site that offers football

--- End quote ---
I will post the link if its not in violation? 


--- Quote from: jjcabgou on August 17, 2018, 10:28:27 AM ---I will post the link if its not in violation?

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No problem to post the link JJ.  Useful info for those interested.  I won't be watching until the anthem situation is finalized. 


To clarify what the rules are about posting links, links can be posted as long as the poster or their friends have no financial interest in the item the link is for and the member posting the link is not a New Member. New Members are not allowed to post links since we do not know enough about new members to know what their motives for posting links might be, but of course, if a new member posts a link for say a major corporation such as a hotel or airline, then it would not be likely they have a financial interest in that major corporation but if the link was for say a privately owned bed and breakfast, then they or their friends might have a financial interest in said bed and breakfast, how would we the moderators be likely to know, thus we do not allow those types of links.

If there are any NFL fans, here is the link.   This package is only available to those that live outside of the USA:

I stream online, I got an unlocator account and then use the ESPN App or watch live on Directv either thru my brother's or sister's account in the states.  I'm a college football fan, unfortunately most games are played in the middle of the night here or early Sunday morning here in the Phils..

So I usually watch the reairs on ESPN or surf youtube...


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