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But RUFUS is still alive...

I think!   :o :D



--- Quote from: lost_in_samoa on September 21, 2021, 08:29:29 AM ---...
After years of buying supporting socks, ankle wraps, shoe lifts / pads, massages without any success I convinced her to start stretching.

--- End quote ---

I can vouch for this. Even basic stretches like "reach throughs", back stretches, etc (loads of simple stretches on YT) can really help keep you free of aches and pains.

I'd like to add one more thing to the list here, because it's very easy (even enjoyable) and cheap, at least in SEA - massage.

Last time I was in Phils I had a Balinese massage over at Body Tune in MegaMall Manila. I felt 20 years younger when I came out, and no, there wasn't a "happy ending"!  :o

I also recommend traditional Thai massage - I eliminated in 20 minutes 10 years of daily back pain, and it only cost around a dollar (OK so that was back in 2003)!

And finally, it's really cheap, but as you get older I think it's really important to get a pedicure now and then - helps keep you free of things like ingrowing toenails etc, which can get nasty.

Hope that helps!


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