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Glad there was no damage to your property.  Just prune the jasmine tree and it should bounce back if there is no significant damage to the root system.

We do have strange weather this year.  It's awfully humid where we are.  We've never had this type of humidity since we moved here, especially since we live up on a mountain, some 1300 ft. above sea level. We usually have the tradewinds all day but not for a couple months now. It's been sporadic.

Still, hail storm in October is unusual.

With regards to Hailstone damage to cars in Australia.
The law states that any buyer intending to purchase
a vehicle MUST be told if the vehicle has been damaged
and repaired thru hailstones. Stiff penalties apply if not

Most car dealerships (in Sydney anyway) have erected
sturdy fishnet to cover the area of the open sale yard.
Which seems to be a fairly simple fix.

I have erected fishnet to cover my car here when parked
at home. Not for hailstones of course, but to protect it
from the sun. Windscreen wipers left too long unused,
will eventually stick to the glass.

I used to wonder why, when I travelled around Manila in my
first year or so there, this phenomenon of w/wiper blades
not sitting on the glass, but pointing across the engine cover.



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