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LIST: 62 visa-free countries, territories for PH passport holders


I believe this was posted before but it is always good to know where you can go with a Philippine passport.

--- Quote ---Filipinos who love to travel can enter 62 countries and territories without the need to apply for a visa before leaving the Philippines.
According to Passport Index, the Philippine passport now ranks 67th in the world, one step higher than last year at 66.

Below is the list of countries and territories where Philippine passport holders can visit visa-free:

Armenia: Visa on arrival
Bolivia: Visa-free
Brazil: Visa-free
Brunei: Visa-free
Cambodia: Visa-free

Cape Verde: Visa on arrival
Colombia: Visa-free
Comoros: Visa on arrival
Costa Rica: Visa-free
Cote d'Ivoire: Visa-free

Djibouti: Visa on arrival
Dominica: Visa on arrival
Ecuador: Visa-free
Fiji: Visa-free
Gambia: Visa-free

Guinea-Bissau: Visa on arrival
Haiti: Visa-free
Hong Kong: Visa-free
India: e-visa
Indonesia: Visa-free

Iran: Visa on arrival
Israel: Visa-free
Kenya: Visa on arrival/e-visa
Kyrgyztan: Visa on arrival
Laos: Visa-free

Macao: Visa-free
Madagascar: Visa on arrival
Malawi: Visa on arrival
Malaysia: Visa-free
Maldives: Visa on arrival

Marshall Islands: Visa on arrival
Mauritania: Visa on arrival
Mauritius: Visa on arrival
Micronesia: Visa-free
Mongolia: Visa-free

Morocco: Visa-free
Mozambique: Visa on arrival
Myanmar: Visa-free
Nepal: Visa on arrival
Nicaragua: Visa on arrival

Palau: Visa on arrival
Palestinian Territories: Visa-free
Papua New Guinea: Visa on arrival
Peru: Visa-free
Rwanda: Visa-free

Saint Lucia: Visa on arrival
Samoa: Visa on arrival
Seychelles: Visitor's permit
Singapore: Visa-free
Sri Lanka: eTA

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Visa-free
Taiwan: Visa-free
Tajikistan: Visa on arrival/e-Visa
Tanzania: Visa on arrival
Thailand: Visa-free

Timor-Leste: Visa on arrival
Togo: Visa on arrival
Trinidad and Tobago: Visa on arrival
Tuvalu: Visa on arrival
Uganda: Visa on arrival

Vanuatu: Visa-free
Vietnam: Visa-free
--- End quote ---

Excellent info!  I've been to Israel a few times and plan on going there with my wife.  I explained to her why Israel requires no visa for Philippinos and how they honor their supporters.  The Philippines was one of a handful of nations who allowed Jews to enter no problem during the wind up to the Holocaust and they never forget who their friends and enemies were.


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