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Japan backed subway coming to Manila

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--- Quote from: lost_in_samoa on September 18, 2017, 11:33:49 PM ---Uhmmm ..... Flooding, earthquakes ..... Hello?

Having troubles with above ground rail systems, and we wanna take them subterranean?

Kinda like building a poorly designed nuclear reactor .... on a fault in an densely populated, earthquake prone area ..... right on the ocean coast.

Wait ........ what?

--- End quote ---

actualy japan has same issues as ph and have designed thier sytem for these problem thus why japan is a great ali to help build a subway here . with tech these days anything can be built to withstand many things and im sure all our layman concerns have already been looked at extensivly . (sorry just awake my spellings might be off lol :)  )


--- Quote from: copusmaximus on September 19, 2017, 06:23:20 AM ---japan
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You may be right.  I've been on the Japanese subway system.  Its great.

As I look around my province, I can't help but think that there is more "bang for the Piso" in other projects.

Most nations did not develop subway systems until AFTER they had success with above ground systems.   

The RP may "leapfrog" over a lot of essential "hard lessons" and experience.

And pay the price for it.  The last thing my adopted home needs is yet another failed, pork-barrel, infrastructure project.

Just thinking.

I think it's needed, and if built right(another finger pointing to the importance of Japan in this endeavor) it will be a big help.  Same with the high-speed connector between Angeles City and Manila.  If done right, with proper tech, and again, run all the way to the Aquino Airport in Manila....a very good and highly needed thing. 

I think the later could make Angeles City a big player in the Phils.  The growth it could cause would have it growing and pushing Cebu City for who's more important/bigger to the Phils economy and all. 

But, I am totally with you Samoa on  how big of a waste it will all become of Filipino tech/construction/money management is what is used to build them.  Every earth quake will have many on pins and needles. 

On the flip side, if these are handled correctly...I could see down the road more elevated railways and subways coming to the Manila area and being built by international tech/construction firms/governments.  I know this is a big thing on the items that Duterte wanted to improve.  He gets these done...he'll be very popular among a lot in the Manila area.

I believe the Indians now have a very successful subway system in Delhi, built with Japanese money.

Not sure (without googling) how much technical input there was by them.


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