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Deadline to exchange old peso bills moved to June

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Good news for those of you who still have old peso notes.

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The deadline to exchange old bank notes has been extended to June 30, from the end of March, before they are demonetized and lose their value as legal tender, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said Thursday.
The central bank also extended the demonetization deadline for the old banknote series to July 1 from April 17.
In terms of individual bills, the old notes comprise 8.6 percent of all money in circulation. In terms of value, it accounts for just 2 percent.
The March 31 deadline for overseas Filipinos to register their old bank notes for exchange was unchanged, the bank said.
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I have no peso notes. I'm married!  :)

If you have any old pesos they are now worthless. Amazingly recently 500 people still had old bills and thus rushed to beat deadline to change old bills so if you have some, they are now good for decoration only.

Well, if anyone still has any I would say, "Oh well, too bad".  It is not like they had to rush.  There were only how many deadlines to get them exchanged?  I don't even remember now.  Every time I saw a sign about it, the absolute deadline was pushed back.  So, no one really has an excuse if they have a complaint.  Including people that were out of the country for more than a year or two or more.  If any of them still have old pesos, what would they being doing not keeping up with the news here and not do something about it?

Gray Wolf:
So, the P5000 we saved from our trip the end of 2016 are no longer valid currency? What did I miss?  ??????


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